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The name combines elements of photography with the naturalness and beauty of wood.

"WoodSnap" is the combination of wood ("Wood") and photography ("Snap") symbolized.

© by Scheidegger-Fotogrfie ®


Hello! My name is WoodSnap, (formerly Scheideggger-Fotografie) - a name that reflects my passion for photography, my love of nature and my skills at the lathe. I am a photographer and wood turner who specializes in combining natural beauty and artistic representation in my works. My work is characterized by capturing moments that highlight the essential beauty and hidden wonders of nature, whether through the lens of my camera or turning wood on my lathe.

My photos are more than just pictures; they are stories that tell of time, space and feeling. I enjoy working with natural materials and incorporating wooden elements into my presentations and exhibitions to create a unique, multi-sensory experience.

I invite you to explore, through my lens, a world where nature and art flow seamlessly together. Each image is an invitation to look at the world from a new, often unexpected perspective. Welcome to the world of WoodSnap, where every shot tells a story and every piece of wood becomes a work of art.

The photographer and wood turner - Urs Scheidegger

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